Wild life gallery

Some guests visit Tipi Jungla Ecolodge specifically for the frogs. Or for sloths, toucans and other birds, reptiles and other special creations of nature. The pictures give an impression of the special animals that live in and around the ecolodge. By offering a variety of tours, we let guests come close to the animals: frogs and other reptiles during the night walk, sloths during a walk at the lodge and a visit to the beach, whales and dolphins during a boat trip and turtles during a visit to a beach. But even without taking a tour there is a good chance that you spot wildlife. From El Palenque, we see beautiful birds landing in the trees daily. We regularly spot capuchin monkeys clamber through the trees on the way to their next meal or overnight stay. There are beautiful insects living in and around the ecolodge. Fear of spiders or bugs is not necessary, the animals are in their natural habitat and do no harm. We ensure that your bed is free of insects and if you have any questions about insects or other animals we’re happy to answer them. Still, after living in our lodge for years, we regularly see animals that we have not seen previously, for example recently an anteater and several beautiful moths.

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