Costa Rica is known for its beautiful nature. The pristine jungle where Tipi Jungla Ecolodge is situated is a perfect example. The flora and fauna is rich and varied. The pictures below give an idea of the natural beauty that Tipi Jungla has to offer. In the vicinity are several beautiful waterfalls where you can enjoy nature and take a refreshing bath. You can admire special trees, plants and flowers from the terrace of your teepee. Tipi Jungla overlooks the Pacific Ocean and a few kilometers away are beautiful deserted beaches. The view from El Palenque is never boring. Lay down in a hammock and enjoy the view of birds that land in the trees, the sound and smell of the jungle and perhaps a family of monkeys that clambers along the ecolodge looking for their next meal.

More about the nature surrounding Tipi Jungla Ecolodge.

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