The design and construction of the accommodations at Tipi Jungla Ecolodge are inspired by the native tribes of Central and North America. A Dakota Teepee, an original Indian-residence, provides you an extraordinary place to stay. The Palenque, a Boruca Indian hut, offers you the opportunity to take a rest in a hammock.

You can experience a combination of different types of cultural expressions, complemented with an eco-vision you won’t easily find anywhere else. Add a stunning ocean view and beautiful natural surroundings and your stay in the jungle will be a unique one. There is no other place in Costa Rica where it’s only possible to stay in Teepees.

Teepee Ocelot, Teepee Tamandua and Teepee CariblancoThe Teepees
The Teepees (Indian tents) perfectly blend with the surroundings because of their natural ‘look’ and therefore offer a ‘one of a kind’ lodging experience in the jungle. You will stay the night in an ecological way in ‘luxurious simplicity’. This implies that the Teepees aren’t equipped with air-conditioning or television and the showers don’t have hot water. Our Teepees (6 meters in diameter and 6 meters high) are made of strong material, which is water- and fireproof and mounted on a frame of wooden poles or bamboo stems, but above all made suitable for the tropics. Each Teepee is placed on a wooden plateaus. To make ventilation possible the Teepees have a backdoor and a big window.

Teepee floor, bathroom and terrace

To guarantee privacy for every quest, the Teepees are placed between the trees and on distance from the next one. Lighting is provided by solar energy or by the use of candles. Each Teepee is equipped with a private bathroom. The rustic wooden furniture that complements the interior of the Teepee is self-made. What you will experience during your stay in a Teepee can be called exceptional. The energy that you will feel when you find yourself in the Teepee is often named as magical. You will breathe, taste and experience the true nature of the jungle within the secure ‘walls’ of your Teepee.

We are convinced that we can say to you: “Come and recharge your batteries in a Teepee!” Each Teepee is equipped with a (double or king-size) bed with ergonomic mattress, mosquito net, small wardrobe, lamp that works on solar energy or lit by candles, and a small table with chairs.

Terrace with jungle view


The private bathrooms are simple but comfortable and built in harmony with the Teepees and the surrounding nature. With wood from an eco-plantation we built a water closet and a shower next to every Teepee. The water that is used to flush the toilet and the use of the shower is obtained from a nearby natural well. We provide our guests bathroom equipment such as toilet soap that’s skin- and eco-friendly.

The Palenque
The Southern Boruca Indians of Costa Rica use this Indian hut for important social activities and ceremonies. The word ‘Palenque’ means a place to come together. The Palenque is built on stilts and the roof is made from palm leaves. You will find hammocks, tables and chairs made of bamboo, and a large rustic sofa in this unique hut.

Relax by reading a book on our comfortable sofa or take place in one of the hammocks. While drinking your fruit cocktail you can enjoy all the best Tipi Jungla Ecolodge has to offer; a wonderful view at the ocean and jungle while the sounds and scents of the jungle will put you under a spell.

  palenquePalenque (ocean and jungle view)

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