recyclingTipi Jungla Ecolodge is completely involved in environmental conservation. We strongly believe every life form has a right to live. It is indispensable to consider the ecosystems around us in our daily activities.

This means that:

      • We use our natural resources without damaging or contaminating them, especially the adjacent natural spring.
      • We have installed our teepees without cutting a single tree.
      • We only offer tours and activities that meet our ecovision.
      • We use solar energy.
      • We recycle solid and organic waste.
      • We use environmental friendly products (organic soap, rechargeable batteries…)
      • We prohibit hunting of wild animals on the property by visitors or local hunters.
      • We support local initiatives that support the protection of flora and fauna.

Your stay at Tipi Jungla Ecolodge allows you to experience the tropical rainforest in a sustainable way and, at the same time, contribute to its preservation. Tipi Jungla donates a percentage of its profit to the school children of the southern Costa Rican Guaymí Indigenous reserve in Coto Brus.

Made in Tipi Jungla
All the furniture of the lodge are made with remnants of various types of wood. This gives the beds, sofas, tables, chairs, and trash bins an original rustic design. And the pieces of wood which were then left over, are used as fuel for cooking.

Bed Bed in Teepee Cariblanco Chairs at the terrace

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