Sea turtles

See how a sea turtle crawls onto the beach of Matapalo to lay her eggs. During a night tour we offer you the opportunity to see how she digs a hole, gets into a trance, lays her eggs and then covers the hole and finds her way to the sea again. During the guided walk you walk along the beach in search of a sea turtle and / or its spores. Also we will visit the “vivero” of Playa Matapalo. Here, hundreds of eggs are stored and monitored until the time the sea turtles are born. This location is designed to protect sea turtles from poaching. By chance you will see baby turtles here and you could help with their release into freedom at the beach. The start time of the tour depends on the tide and has a duration of approximately three hours. This tour is available from late July to November. In the month of December, there is still a chance to see baby sea turtles.

Aan het nestelen

Nesting turtle

Baby turtle

Baby turtle ready to go in the ocean

release baby turtles

Release baby turtles

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