Whale watching

To see whales and dolphins, you can go on a boattour for approximately 3,5 hours in the waters of National Park Marino Ballena. The tour starts between 08.30 and 9.00 am. Marino Ballena (Uvita) is a half-hour drive from the lodge. We can book the tour one day in advance. The whale species that is observed the most is the Humpback whale. Every year this whale (which can reach a length of 17 meters) can be seen in two different periods. One group comes from the North (US West Coast) in the months of December-March with a peak in February. The other group (higher number) comes from the South (South America) during July-October with a peak in September. When the males try to lure the females to mate, they make impressive jumps. Often mother whales with calves are observed. During the tour there is also a chance to see other marine animals such as dolphins and turtles. There is a possibility to snorkel as well.


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